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Boron Carbide Plate
Boron Carbide Plate Boron Carbide Plate Boron Carbide Plate
Product name : Boron Carbide Plate
Product No. : 2021910194954
Material : B4C
Size : 30*30*9; 245*295*10; 17*48; 250*300; 200*250; 150*200; 150x150mm
Density(g/cm3) : 2.51
Refractive Index : 2.28
Form : Black or Dark Gray Plate
Purity : 95%
Application : High wear-resistant nozzle, high-precision sealing ring, aerospace vehicle surface coating, military bulletproof armor, etc
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Boron Carbide (B4C) ; Molecular Weight: 55.26

Boron carbide is an inorganic non-metallic high-performance structural ceramic material formed by the combination of boron and carbon at high temperature. At the same time, it also has functional ceramic properties. It is rhombohedral under microscopic observation. It is one of the hardest man-made materials. Its hardness is second only to diamond and cubic boron nitride. 

Mohs hardness:9.36; 
Microhardness: 5400-6300kg/mm ², 
Specific gravity 2.52g/cm ³, 
Melting point 2450 ℃, 
high temperature resistance, no chemical reaction with acid and alkali.

It has the characteristics of stable chemical properties, light weight, high hardness, semiconductor and so on.

Due to its high hardness, it is suitable for grinding, polishing, drilling and other processing of various cemented carbide, gem and other materials, and manufacturing engineering ceramic abrasives, precision measuring elements and engineering ceramic products with high wear resistance, such as high wear-resistant nozzles for aeroengines, high-precision sealing rings, surface coatings of aerospace vehicles, military bulletproof armor sheets, etc, Because the boron contained in it has the characteristics of thermal neutron absorption cross section and high boron content, it is the main boron containing material for the manufacturing of reaction rate regulating rod in nuclear industrial reactor.

1. High heat resistance
2. Wear resistance
3. Corrosion resistance
4. High bending strength
5. Low density and light weight
6. Custom shapes

Boron carbide ceramics




Bending strength



Compressive strength



Elastic modulus



Vickers hardness






Apparent porosity



Fracture Toughness




Boron carbide bulletproof ceramics 


Boron carbide bulletproof plate


Boron carbide ceramics+PE(Kevlar)


Flat; Single curved


250X300mm; 200x250mm; 150x200mm;150x150mm

Resistance bullet type


Protection class

GA 6


Boron carbide nuclear power protective ceramics 

Density (g/cm3))


Rockwell hardness (HRA)


Compressive strengthMPA



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