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Industry News >> Difference between K9 and BK7

BK7 (K9) glass: it is a common optical and microsystem material. With the rapid development of Optics and microsystem technology, due to its low price and good micromachining performance, the technology of making micron and nano scale microstructure and micro devices on K9 glass has been applied to many fields, such as optoelectronics, microwave technology, diffractive optical elements and so on.

BK7 is the most basic optical glass brand. No matter how expensive the telescope is, there are many lenses inside BK7
If these two kinds of glass are made into glass bricks, I'm afraid there is no difference at all. It is not a simple relationship between high-grade and low-grade.
These two materials are only placed on the Paul prism. Because of the difference in refractive index, the one with high refractive index will not have dark edges. On the ridge prism, there is no difference between BK7 and K9
The optical quality of high-grade BK7 is better than that of low-grade bak4, and the quality of optical glass itself should be considered.
In fact, the substrate is not so big for the imaging image, as long as you can ensure the parallelism and surface accuracy of the lens, even ordinary window glass can, but you need to manually fine grind the lens accuracy, because the coated reflective film has good parallelism and the film layer is smaller than the image
BK7, namely K9, can cope with it. If conditions permit, you can try to use ordinary window glass, which is enough for daily use!

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