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Industry News >> What is the K9 glass?

 1. K9 glass is a glass product made of K9 material, which is used in optical coating and other fields.
2. K9 glass belongs to optical glass. Because it is crystal clear, it has derived many factories with K9 material as the processing object. The processed products are called crystal glass products.
3. The composition of K9 glass is as follows: SiO2 = 69.13%, B2O3 = 10.75%, Bao = 3.07%, Na2O = 10.40%, K2O = 6.29%, As2O3 = 0.36%
4. K9 its optical constants are: refractive index = 1.51630, dispersion = 0.00806, Abbe number = 64.06
5. Optical glass is classified according to Abbe number in the national standard. Glass with Abbe number ≥ 50 is crown glass, represented by "K"; Glass with Abbe number < 50 is flint glass, represented by "F". Under these two categories, they are subdivided with light "Q", heavy "Z", special "t" and chemical element symbols plus prefixes and numbers plus suffixes, which are divided into 18 categories and 141 brands. Such as qf8 (light flint), bak11 (barium crown), K9 (crown).
6. Generally, the crown plate belongs to alkali silicate system, and the vast majority of flint glass belongs to lead silicate system.
7. In general, K9 glass is an optical material with excellent performance. As the substrate of laser film, its anti laser damage characteristics and ability directly affect the performance of high-power laser film, especially for laser antireflection film and polarization film.
What is the difference between K9 glass and ordinary glass:
K9 glass and ordinary glass are very similar in appearance, but they are two completely different substances. The main differences are as follows:
1. Different materials: K9 glass is a crystal of silicon dioxide, and glass is only a molten mixture containing silicon dioxide.
2. Different effects: glass has only decorative effect. K9 glass has piezoelectric effect in addition to decorative effect, which has a special function of maintaining health.
3. Different prices: the unit price of K9 glass is several times or even dozens of times higher than that of glass.
4. Different physical properties:
(1) It has high hardness (Mohs 7), while the hardness of glass is low (Mohs 5.5). The crystal can draw traces on the glass, otherwise it cannot.
(2) It has good thermal conductivity and feels cold when licked with the tip of the tongue. The glass is warm.
(3) Distinguish with polarizer, K9 glass can transmit light, but glass cannot.
(4) High quality K9 glass looks at the light, clear and transparent. There are no small bubbles and water lines in it, so the price is not cheap. Therefore, the quality grade and price of K9 glass are closely related.
5. Different processing technology: glass can be hot cast, saving material and labor, and low cost. K9 glass is a crystal and cannot be reversed after heating and melting. Therefore, hot casting method cannot be used, but cold processing methods such as cutting and grinding can be used.

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